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GFG Co-Founders Discuss International Family Governance

Eduardo and Mauricio Gruener, co-founders of GFG Capital, will be featured speakers at the Private Wealth Management Summit in Palm Beach, Florida in early June. In their presentation, Eduardo and Mauricio will discuss a challenge that many international families face: family governance when family members are spread out among several countries.

Family governance for wealthy families has long been regarded as a best practice for families to help preserve their legacy and wealth. Family governance can equip family members to navigate the challenges associated with wealth. A well-executed family governance strategy can help families by providing them with methods to enhance communication, systems to make collective decisions, a concrete way to resolve conflicts, best practices for succession planning and a way to develop and compensate family members. But instilling these practices for an international family is more challenging than one might think.

In an increasingly global environment where many families have multiple domiciles, the family governance process can become difficult, especially when family members may be geographically spread out. When families are in multiple countries, it can have far-reaching effects if family governance policy and practices are not established.

In their session titled, “Family Governance: Planning without Borders,” Eduardo and Mauricio will discuss these commonly asked questions:

  • How can a family with members in multiple countries begin to establish governance parameters and decision-making processes?
  • Can culture play a role? Are there cultural differences that should be acknowledged?
  • Is family governance an acknowledged best practice to sustain family wealth in other countries, as it is here in the U.S.?
  • What should advisors know before getting started?

As advisors to many international families, Eduardo and Mauricio are exceptionally familiar with the complexities of international family governance. To read more, see this recent article by Mauricio Gruener in Campden FB titled Family Governance Without Borders.

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