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We have been an independent Family Office based in Miami, Florida, since 2003.

A Refreshing Perspective

GFG Capital is a multi-family office offering a fresh perspective on family wealth.

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Starts With You

Our investment process starts with fully understanding you and your family.

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Our Process

Our investment process starts with fully understanding you and your family.

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Find Out Your Risk Number

Risk tolerance is a critical component of your investment portfolio construction. What level of risk is appropriate for you? How much risk can you take on? Through this interactive tool, you can learn more about your own risk profile.

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With this clarity, you will be able to get a full picture of the state of your assets several times throughout the year.

About Us

“When we founded GFG Capital, it was just us two brothers working together to provide the kind of service we would want for our family and ourselves.”

Mauricio Gruener and Eduardo Gruener, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs


We bring a unique perspective to every client relationship.

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Press & Insights

Moral Hazard

George Bailey was just married and on his way to his honeymoon when his driver was stopped by people running in the streets towards the bank. A literal bank run

Rally or Trend?

Do you remember that dress? You know, that white one with gold stripes? How about that soundbite that said Laurel? Maybe you’ve seen the optical illusion of the duck/rabbit? Sometimes

Back To The Future

For the last twelve months, it wasn’t hard to find a market pundit expressing the disbelief of the estimates for U.S. corporate earnings (i.e., EPS estimates for the S&P 500)

Elmer Fudd

It’s no secret that inflation was the center of the conversation for the last 12 months. Last year, the S&P 500 saw a median daily price movement of 96 basis

Letter To Investors

If there were a Spotify Wrapped for financial markets in 2022, I’d imagine the top played hits for the year would look something like: “Inflation” by Pandemic Overhang, “Hike Me

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Explore GFG Capital Evolution Over the Years.

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Explore GFG Capital Evolution Over the Years.

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