Mauricio Gruener
& Eduardo Gruener

Solving wealth challenges,
one family at a time

GFG Capital is a multi-family office offering a fresh perspective on family wealth. This means we see things from your view point, and base every action on your interests. This translates into tangible differences families can feel from the first time we meet.

Because we were founded by one single family, our firm was established to put family first.

Mauricio Gruener
& Eduardo Gruener

The “Why”
Behind our Work

We are a firm focused on liberating families from the uncertainty often found in managing wealth. We help them gain control over their wealth, provide them with information to make critical decisions and execute with accuracy and confidence. Their goals become our goals and our resources become theirs.
We believe families deserve a wealth relationship built on trust.


Independent investment management, built for you and your family. We manage assets on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis.

Office Analytics

Comprehensive reporting, with constant oversight of assets, internally or externally managed

Office Administration

Insurance management, bill-pay, property management, financial planning, cash-flow management

Risk tolerance is a critical component of your investment portfolio construction. What level of risk is appropriate for you? How much risk can you take on? Through this interactive tool, you can learn more about your own risk profile.

Take the Riskalyze test

We are different than other firms.
In our work together, we provide our clients with:


Understand how you are invested, how your investments are performing, and how much you are paying in fees.

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The executives at our firm are invested right alongside our clients and our compensation is transparent and understandable. Your interests become our interests.

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Since 2003 we have worked with families both domestically and internationally.

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Investment Returns

You get a tailored portfolio, specific to you and your family's short-term objectives and long-term dreams.

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We treat your wealth as if it was our own, investing carefully and wisely.

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