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Miami Herald: No, Your House Is Not an Investment

July 16, 2018

A recent Gallup poll found that 34 percent of investors believed real estate was the best long-term investment for their […]

Mauricio Gruener in FundFire

June 20, 2018

Family Offices Drive Down External Asset Management Fees By 10% FundFire reports that “family offices are putting ‘relentless pressure’ on […]

GFG Co-Founders Discuss International Family Governance

June 7, 2018

Eduardo and Mauricio Gruener, co-founders of GFG Capital, will be featured speakers at the Private Wealth Management Summit in Palm […]


“These are companies that aren’t going anywhere, why wouldn’t I keep doing this?” Every bit of that thought process is […]

GFG Capital Featured in Campden FB

May 30, 2018

GFG Co-Founder Mauricio Gruener was featured in Campden FB, discussing the four steps to planning for family governance without borders. […]


May 24, 2018

Yield curves, flattening, inverted, recessions, 2-10 spread, risk premia: these all might sound like answers to a Family Feud category […]

Five Percent

May 7, 2018

“If I gave you $X, what would you buy today?” This question was posed to us this week during a […]

Fool Me Once

It wasn’t even two months ago that the market was throwing a complete temper tantrum and volatility burst through the […]

GFG Capital in Funds Society: Don’t Buy the Hype Yet

April 23, 2018

GFG recently spoke with Funds Society about the increasing talk of trade wars and its effect on the markets. Below […]

A Letter to Investors

After the first three months of trading in 2018, investors have been swiftly and not so politely reminded of one […]

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