About Our Company

A Message from the Brothers

When we founded GFG, it was just us two brothers working together to provide the kind of service we would want for our family and ourselves. Other families, seeking the same independent, intimate financial relationship, began to join. As our firm has grown, we have changed, embracing new technologies along the way. But at our core, we still work to solve wealth challenges, one family at a time.

Mauricio Gruener & Eduardo Gruener

Our Culture

GFG Capital takes pride in being a family office based in Miami.

Our personalized care and attention starts within our team. As GFG Capital has grown under the leadership of our founding partners, our commitment to a family-focused environment has continued. In our team’s culture, we provide support to each of our employees to further a community of trust. This ideology extends from our intelligent, capable employees and serves as the foundation for our agile teamwork and collaboration.

Careers at GFG

At GFG Capital, we consider the people we work with as our best asset, and we treat them as such. We pride ourselves in our employee experience that embraces a modern and comfortable workspace as well as a diversity-enriched, service-focused and familial-minded culture. We take care to provide the opportunity to develop professionally, the tools to make jobs more efficient, and a level of transparency to keep our team members all on the same page.

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